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Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium

Ostend is a small city at the coast of Belgium, where she grew up. The sea is a part of the heart of the people form the seaside. This bound she has used as an inspiration for her Master research “Fading of Time”. She studied Lithography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp where she developed her artistic skills in drawing and printmaking. Attached to her home she creates artwork based on nostalgy, feelings of memories. The sea has a visious nature it changes it current at once. Beside its strenght,the sea has the power to take negative energy as well does it have the power to destruct. It is a duality of peace and chaos. The landscape has always been a fasinating subject, specialy in art history as we go back to the Romantic period. Where nature is pure and free to create beauty in its own form, as we do with our memories.

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